Helpful Hints

In some of my posts, I like to give you *Helpful Hints*,
this is a list of the posts that contain them!

The Great Kitchen Painting of 2011 - How to paint over oil paint with latex!

Cabinet Door Tray Table - How to save open, unused caulking tubes!

Thrift Store Re-do - How to find cheap paint!

All About Organization - Free things for your kids and you to build!

Office/Craft Desk Update - Make more use from a plastic paint pan!

Easy Banana Cream Pie - How to keep sliced bananas from browning

A DIY Canvas Print - Make a temporary decal you can re-stick anywhere

A [Free] DIY Notepad -  Free circle clips for crafting!

A DIY Tank Top - Can also be used for a little girl's dress from an old t-shirt!

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