Friday, January 3, 2014

Re-use Those Leftover Christmas Lights

   Ever have those extra string lights in your Christmas storage that you bought on sale but never found a use for? Here's an option!
   Valentine's day is almost around the corner, so this could be a romantic surprise if you add a few candles and some music. Or a cute lighting option  to replace an ugly, old night light, change the word spelled out to anything and it could go in a child/teen's room for some cool decoration!

   Most every room in my house is themed by color, my bedroom is brown, tan, and purple. My curtains are a little on the heavy side being dark purple and brown so they don't offer a lot of light through the windows, but my window are small anyway.
   The first idea was to hang these purple string lights I've had for a while behind all the curtains, but I didn't have enough for it to look decent, so I came up with this idea, which is still pretty cute in my opinion.
   I looked up some different font options and finally found a script style I like, then used the string lights to copy the word "Love." To hold the lights in place I used simple thumbtacks so that they wouldn't leave big holes, I would have used command strips but I did not have enough.

This is an example of the exact line the string is in.

Before           and            After

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