Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Miracle of Command Strips

So, in our master bedroom, we have a very bare wall that occupies one light switch...

I finally gathered up pictures from our wedding that still needed a home and some other things and decided it was time to make a collage wall, something I've been wanting to do!
I started by laying everything out in the floor in the arrangement I wanted to use.

Then, I came to the problem that, Oh yeah.. I hate hanging pictures! The nail has to be in the perfect spot, the picture always ends up heavier on one side and sits crooked, and when you want to move one there's a hole left that has to be covered, and who ever has time for that?? (But if you do need to cover a hole, you can see how HERE!)

I remembered one of my friends telling me she used Command Strips to hang her pictures and I kept thinking of the commercials and wondering how those hook things would help. I had to make a trip to wally-world anyway, so I stopped in the hardware section to just see what they had, and I found these strips that are actually made like velcro for the backs of pictures frames, but work exactly like the hooks they advertise. They go up with one press and when you need to take it down, it just pulls right off with no hole or sticky mess!! So now it was time to get to work!

I love the turnout of everything and especially love how easy it was to put them up! The Window frame focal point is something I made a while back, and the letters are going to be covered soon and I will be sure to post an updated picture when I'm done with them!

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  1. Looks great on your wall. Great tip about the command strips. :) Thanks for sharing at Romance on a dime!


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