Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Flash Diffuser

   Before I get into the DIY-ing, let me explain the reasoning for this rainy-night project. This is a definition I pulled off of Wikipedia: "A flash diffuser spreads the light from the flash of a camera. In effect, the light will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but rather will spread out, bounce from reflective ceilings and walls, thus getting rid of harsh light, and hard shadows."
   When most people use flash, it's because you're in a low lit room or somewhere kind of dark (Duh), but when you look back through your photos, the flash has made some people look like ghosts or made these giant shadows that make small people look like grizzly bears are sneaking up on them! ha! The purpose of this flash diffuser is to take some of the harshness away from the flash so that my darker rooms can still be a little brighter, just not as scary!
   Let's get started!

First, I grabbed our empty milk jug from the other night that I rinsed with water and let dry out, some scissors, a marker, and two small pieces of sticky-backed velcro.

I drew out my desired size piece on the milk jug with a marker and cut it out. The little tail side it to go through the hole under my pop up flash (if you don't have room for a tail you can always make it connect on the sides).

Once the tail slipped through the bottom, I just needed to measure out where the velcro should be placed.

This is the front view.

Now... here are a couple of samples of me using my standard flash, with and without the diffuser:
1.  This picture is with NO DIFFUSER on. You can see it's bright... and shows a lot of reflection in dog's eyes haha. BTW This is Jasper, my model for the moment!

2.  This picture is WITH DIFFUSER on. The picture is a lot softer, but I did change some of the settings on my camera as well!! The shutter speed was down to 1/30 (to capture more light but still not have a super blurry picture), my ISO was on 400, and I brightened the flash since it was being dimmed to +2. You will get close to the same effect, changing these settings just helps the brightness of the photo.
And as you can see, my model jumped off the couch, but this is my other, Sunni, on the same exact spot not 30 seconds later.


  1. Really great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, great idea! I love repurposing things! Visiting from Show Me What You Got.
    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  3. Great idea! Especially for those who don't have speed lights!


  4. what a neat idea. now that I have a dslr, I need to keep this handy. I have a habit of not using flash at all, but sometimes you actually need to.


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