Monday, May 27, 2013

Help my Yard (Stage 2)

   So, last year I posted a blog with pictures of the front of my house asking for help with a little curb appeal. I received a lot of great responses with ideas, you can check it out HERE.
   Next, I picked out some cute plants and mulch and my hubby and I got to work. Check out the pictures from stage 1 HERE. The yard look great, but it didn't last long because the mulch wasn't barricaded in and some of the plants did not survive (I never said I was good at this lol!)
   This year, we decided to go on a more permanent route with a little easier maintenance, even though it called for a little more work.. A whole Saturday to be exact, but it was fun and anything I can do together with my husband is time well spent.

My husband picked out scalloped edging for a barrier. I picked river rocks for our filler rock, though they ran out and I mixed them with calico rocks and they still weren't enough. So when the store gets more in, that will be done. We also added a couple of plants in place of some that did not come back after the winter.

The Left Side.
The two Hydrangeas are coming in amazingly! I was very excited when they started blooming. Both sides have a curved barrier. My husband also put up the shepherds hook his parents gave us, so I picked out some hanging baskets to go on it. 

 The Right Side.
This is where the majority of plants did not survive. I moved the garden rocks we got for our wedding shower from my mom here, they fit quite nicely. My husband trimmed back the tall, skinny tree, too. I still have no clue what kind of tree it is, but It blooms with white flowers.

I finally bought a wind chime I liked. I want one that sounded pretty more than anything. Most of the time the hand-tuned chimes are very simple, so I added a few (scrapbook) stickers to the weight and I love it.

So that was stage 2! There's still a little more work to do and I'll keep you updated!


  1. I am feeling your pain, I am in a back yard makeover all I can say is it takes time. But what rewards, your front has so much potential, really cute.

  2. We both have large yards and we soooooo understand where you're coming from.

    One of us lives in the desert (hot, hot Las Vegas) and the other lives in the desert (Salt Lake City) - we plant totally different things and we both enjoy our yards so much. Hang in there it will come - can't wait to see how it progresses along.

    Thanks so much for sharing this on the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT Tuesday party. Hope to see you next week perhaps with a brief update of the yard situation.

    The best to you,
    Sharon and Denise
    BeBetsy Link and Hop

  3. Looking good and it is fun to see your progress.


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