Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Secret Frosting

   In my family, the assumption is that I will show up with the baked goods to any get-together because I love to bake and I especially love doing cake! It's never fancy, I hate fondant, but hey, It tastes good so it does it's job! The latest thing we've done is celebrate my memaw's birthday, and one of her favorite cakes is strawberry. I cheated and got box mix because between praise band practice, work, and church, I didn't have time to make anything from scratch... but my frosting could've fooled you! I get tired of the same old buttercream, vanilla, chocolate, etc., and I had this brilliant idea [Strawberry Cheesecake!]
   Here's my secret!
I bought plain-Jane, classic white frosting and a box of cheesecake flavored jell-o pudding mix. Take off the top and aluminum from the frosting can (and take out any amount if you wanted to mix different colors, it'll make more room) and microwave for 5-7 secs. You don't want it to melt, just to get warm enough to manipulate. Pour half of the pudding powder in the can and mix well.

I covered the cake with my [now] Cheesecake icing, and used a little of the icing I sat aside to make green grass for the "nest" my Peeps were in!
**This could be a cute Easter cake too**

It was delicious and did not last anytime once it was cut into! Experiment with some of your favorite flavors and different colors, and let me know how they turn out, too!


  1. Hi Jessica! I live in Alabama too!!! I am always excited to find fellow bloggers in our state. I was excited to find your recipe for sounds really good. Does it make it a little thicker? I have trouble trying to "pipe" canned frosting but it looks like you did a good job. I saw your post over at our fellow Alabamian's blog party "Coastal Charm".

  2. I am loving peeps right now. This is an adorable way to use them :) We are starting a link up party on Thursdays (today:), and we would love for you to join us with this post and/or any others you would like to include. We are at Hope to see you there!!

    1. Thanks I sure will come link up, thanks for the invite!

  3. I love this idea! It looks super great!

  4. Delightful. Thanks for sharing and Happy Bday to your memaw.

  5. Newest follower here! I found your blog through the blog hop, you have a wonderful blog :) You can find me at



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