Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter (&FAITH) Wreath!

   I wanted to make a wreath that was cute and spring-colored but had a little more meaning too, so on my latest supplies trip this is what I came up with!

I gave some cheap plastic eggs a very light coat of taupe spray paint. Some of the original egg colors still were showing through which I thought was fine, it gave them a neat look.

Then they were hot glued onto a straw circle wreath. (The first plan was to go all the way around, but I started the like just the half showing.)

The pink egg garland was from the dollar tree (only a $1 of course!) and I just wrapped it around the eggs and tucked it in between to fill in big blank spots.

The last piece was the ribbon. It has words on it in all bright colors based around faith and Christ, which is after all the reason for the season!! The only thing I wish I would add now is maybe a little bird on the "nest eggs" but I didn't have one laying around the house lol.

Happy Easter!
God Bless!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bathroom Mat Cover

   First off, Happy Saint Patrick's Day! This post just happens to use GREEN things, so it fits well!
Last year, I came across a good deal on a memory foam bath mat and I love it, but I have one tiny problem with it... Every time one of us steps out of the shower onto it with wet feet, I have to some in 10 minutes later to stand on a soggy mat to do my hair.

   I was covering it with a towel when I got out, but I was wasting clean towels and it looked pretty tacky to have them laying all over the bathroom floor.
I decided to try and make a cover for the mat with a thin towel so it would serve it's purpose for the water but still have the memory foam-feel.

I snagged a good-feeling towel at target on sale and it still matched the bathroom!

I laid the towel flat and the mat on top of it face down to mark where it would need to be folded and sewed.

And did the same for the other sides and started sewing right on the edges to leave a slit in the middle for the mat to slip in and out.
*NOTE* I tried using the No-Sew trick with the binding tape and an iron, but the tape could never get hot enough through the towel to bind; And you can use a sewing machine, but mine wasn't heavy duty enough to go through the towel either, so I had to patiently hand sew this.*

 Now that both of the edges are sewn, the mat can just slip inside of the towel cover!

The cover can be taken off and washed whenever it gets a little dirty and the bath mat won't stay gross when it gets wet!

It actually feels a little cushier with the towel cover! :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Secret Frosting

   In my family, the assumption is that I will show up with the baked goods to any get-together because I love to bake and I especially love doing cake! It's never fancy, I hate fondant, but hey, It tastes good so it does it's job! The latest thing we've done is celebrate my memaw's birthday, and one of her favorite cakes is strawberry. I cheated and got box mix because between praise band practice, work, and church, I didn't have time to make anything from scratch... but my frosting could've fooled you! I get tired of the same old buttercream, vanilla, chocolate, etc., and I had this brilliant idea [Strawberry Cheesecake!]
   Here's my secret!
I bought plain-Jane, classic white frosting and a box of cheesecake flavored jell-o pudding mix. Take off the top and aluminum from the frosting can (and take out any amount if you wanted to mix different colors, it'll make more room) and microwave for 5-7 secs. You don't want it to melt, just to get warm enough to manipulate. Pour half of the pudding powder in the can and mix well.

I covered the cake with my [now] Cheesecake icing, and used a little of the icing I sat aside to make green grass for the "nest" my Peeps were in!
**This could be a cute Easter cake too**

It was delicious and did not last anytime once it was cut into! Experiment with some of your favorite flavors and different colors, and let me know how they turn out, too!