Friday, August 10, 2012

5QF & Breaking News

   I have some fantastic news this Friday! I finally got my dream job! I start at the Animal Hospital next week and I could not be more excited. I'm going to still find time for my blogging, but it will be put on the back burner some because i'll be going full time. I still love you guys tho and will still be checking in often!

1. Thunder storms- love them or hate them?
I have two sides to this. I like storms sort of because it kind of slows things down, makes me feel like I could sleep longer.. and I do love my sleep lol. I HATE thunder though. It like shocks me to the core, especially when it's the loud, shake the house kind! :/

2. Do your kids get back to school clothes
I don't have kids, but my mom usually tried to get some back to school clothes for me. Especially when I was younger, you hit those growth spurts and you don't fit the clothes from last year anymore anyway lol.

3. Do you golf? Do you watch it?
I do! I'm not so good at the course, but I LOVE a driving range, takes the steam off sometimes. As for watching it, my Gpa does and it make me want to take a weekend nap until it's over!

4. Showers or baths?
I take showers. It's quicker and I feel cleaner, but if I had a hot tub... I'd be in that thing every night!

5. What's the strangest meal you ever ate?
This is hard.. I guess sushi? It's not that weird, but I'm not so adventurous on eating things so I guess raw fish would do it for me lol.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Perfect Fit

   Want to know something neat...?! The box of individual drink mixes is a perfect fit for dry erase markers!

It's great because I just bought a new pack during tax free weekend!

I cut the tops off to make it a marker box for on the fridge. 

I used super glue to attach a magnet on the back of the box. I've tried hot glue before but noticed it came off pretty easy after it dried.

I got out my handy dandy mod podge and scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the box. I put an extra coat on top of the paper and let it dry, then put stickers on the front. 

Now I have a nifty (and cute!) little box for quick grabbing! 

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Friday, August 3, 2012

"Baby Sleeping" Sign

   So my sister-in-law (@AccidentallyWonderful) recently found out she was pregnant and I've already got this GIANT list going through my head of all kinds of baby things I need to make! I completed her baby blanket the first week she told us the good news!

This was something I came up with while I was playing with some leftover paint stirring sticks I had... I was waiting for an idea form like in cartoons when they move stuff really fast and it turns into a masterpiece hahaha. I thought they would make a really cute sign and then I thought, Yes, a baby sleeping sign for their door!

I laid them sideways on top of two sticks laying the other way. The two vertical sticks will be the 'foundation'. I turned all of them upside down and glued them together with wood glue.   

I cut the tops of the vertical sticks off, leaving enough room for holes for ribbon. The words are just printed onto scrapbook paper and mod podged to the sticks. I left the paper whole until it dried and then used an exacto knife the cut the slits out. Then, I painted the showing wood with a similar color paint (antique white) and a little on the corners.

I put another layer of mod podge to help seal it then had the hubby drill two holes in the vertical sticks to put ribbon through for hanging it up.

Here's a close up of the finished product! I love the shutter-look of it and the fact that they are free! lol

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