Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sheet Music Tree

  When I changed my table decorations for Christmas, I didn't have anything for a centerpiece that really matched, so of course it's time to make something! Since I used sheet music pages for four of my place mats, I thought it'd be cute to use again and stay with the theme.

I didn't have any foam cones around the house, so I folded a piece of cardstock in a way that made a cone and cut the bottom off to make it straight. Then I took a piece of sheet music, cut it into strips of about 1 inch wide. Cut little notched down the whole bottom of the strips. Then all you have to do is glue/tape them around the paper cone. Towards the top you'll have to start cutting the strips of paper shorter.


  1. What a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing at Well Crafted Wednesdays!

  2. I love how that turned out!! I really contemplated making a tree of my own this year, but it never happened. I have a lot of great ideas for next year though. Thanks for sharing this at Romance on a dime!!


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