Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Decorations

   Most people either love or hate Christmas, even though we've had a couple of rough Christmases since we've been married, I still love it. I love the decorating, shopping for gifts for others, wrapping the presents, It's just stuff that makes me feel good! I had the tree up a little early, but my other decorations are kind of dragging... So this week I've been trying to catch up!

These leftover ball ornaments I hung on the curtain rod with silver yarn in different lengths. This window takes up most of the wall, so it made this side of the room feel more festive.
...Jasper also likes them!

The table is simple, just white and silver. There is a runner, place mats, glittery snowflakes, and a few leftover ball ornaments in the wine glasses.

 The tree right in front of our house is a gorgeous red color in the fall, I Love it! For the holidays, I always wrap it with string light because I love how it looks at night, but this year I added some plastic icicles to make it look prettier in the daylight.

(This is a bad picture but you get the point! lol)

The wreath on the door is made with gold accents and white poinsettias. I've had it for a while but it's still my favorite wreath!

And of course, the Christmas Tree! We bought this the first year we lived together and have been adding stuff to it ever since. It's not the prettiest tree, but it's very 'us' and I love having it lit at night, makes me want hot chocolate and a fire place!


  1. Love the ornaments in your front window! :) I want to do something like that, but need curtains and a curtain rod first. . .

  2. Your tree is beautiful! Love everything decorated for Christmas!
    Stopping by from The Girl Creative!


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