Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Very Satisfied Customer

   A few weeks ago I came across a girl that makes makes these AWESOME custom Christmas ornaments that are hand painted! Here Etsy page is called LissaLou Designs. There are sample pictures of wedding, engagement, family, maternity, and baby ornaments. They all looked so adorable. As I've said before, my sister in law (Accidentally Wonderful) is pregnant and I can't help but look at everything I think she and her new baby girl should have! So naturally, when I saw the maternity couple, I knew she had to have it for Christmas to have another memory from her pregnancy.
  When I put in the order, I told her all the details to use like hair colors, names, and what to write. Time flies in our house, but it came in the mail so fast I could even believe she had time to finish it!

  I was so excited when I saw my order I was squealing, thinking about how much she was going to love it! So if you're looking for something cute to give for Christmas or just because, these are so great as gifts, I don't know anyone who wouldn't love unwrapping it!