Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Perfect Fit

   Want to know something neat...?! The box of individual drink mixes is a perfect fit for dry erase markers!

It's great because I just bought a new pack during tax free weekend!

I cut the tops off to make it a marker box for on the fridge. 

I used super glue to attach a magnet on the back of the box. I've tried hot glue before but noticed it came off pretty easy after it dried.

I got out my handy dandy mod podge and scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the box. I put an extra coat on top of the paper and let it dry, then put stickers on the front. 

Now I have a nifty (and cute!) little box for quick grabbing! 

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  1. Cute! My markers are always disappearing! I think they run away with the missing socks! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are clever! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing at the Creative Corner Blog Hop.

    Holly's Stamping Addiction

  3. You are too clever. A smart and affordable project. Love it. Thanks for sharing this week.


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