Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Obsessed

with Glitter Polish!! It started when we went on our vacation to New Orleans. One of my best friends, Whitney (in the middle!), had silver glitter polish on her nails and I thought it was soo cute!
Then, for my cousin's (MakRob) birthday, we went to get pedicures and we both chose glitter colors for our toes, and now I CAN'T get enough! I usually don't put polish on my fingernails because I am SO bad about biting my nails, and it chips easy at work. But, I found this silver polish at the store today (for ONE DOLLAR!) and I LOVE it!

 [I'm crazy to put pictures of my toes on here!! lol]

I have always loved anything with a lot of shine: glitter, gemstones, diamonds, metallics, I'm good with anything Bling! I needed to share my newest crave so the world can start to enjoy the glitter!

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  1. Jessica,
    Sorry I've been buried, but just had the chance to catch up with your blog! Love your sparkly nails! dee dee


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