Monday, June 11, 2012

A [Free] DIY Notepad

   I take notes ALL THE TIME! At work, for shopping lists, to remember things I need to do, Everything! I have regular sized notebooks, but they are hard to carry around when you need to take a quick note, and you can pay up to $5 for a tiny notepad, and I think that is insane! So, I made this, and everything I used didn't cost me one penny!

   In the paint department, I picked out a couple of color chips for the front and back of the notepad. The two circle clips are free with the Behr paint chips to hold all your color samples together. The plain paper I had on hand, it is just cardstock I cut to be the same size as the paint chips.

After I cut out the plaint paper to size, I punched holes in the tops of all the paper.

Then I lined up the chips and the paper and attached the clips through the holes on the top. I decorated the color chips with stickers and stamps!

And now I have a cute, convenient, and 
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  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great way of making a pad with no cost! I make my own organiser using things around the house like card and binders.

  3. You clever girl. :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful


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