Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Question Friday!

I'm excited for Father's day coming up this weekend, We'll be going to eat Chinese food with my grandfather, The Big Daddy of our family! My dad lives in Gulf Shores, so I don't get to see him as often as I would like, but I'll still get to talk to him to wish him a Happy Father's Day and hopefully get a visit before the Summer is over!

1. Would you grow your hair out to donate it?
Definitely. I do love my hair being long, but I would cut it short any time if it's going towards something like that. I have a friend who does it all the time too!

2. What song makes you think of summer?
Oh gosh, so many! Schools Out by Alice Cooper, any Beach Boys song, the whole "So much for the Afterglow" album by Everclear.

3. Are you a flip flops or sandals kind of person?
Flip Flops! I would wear them everyday of the year if It wasn't weird! lol

4. Favorite summer treat (ie ice cream, snow cones, etc)?
Snow Cones, Watermelon, and Italian ice!

5. Do you do something special for the father of your children on Fathers day?
I don't have any kids, but our puppies sure do appreciate my hubby on Father's Day! lol

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