Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"That's my secret, Cap, I'm always angry."

   Me and my hubs finally saw The Avengers this week! Oh my Goodness!!! I officially have a favorite super hero movie ever! I loved everything about it, the actors are perfect for their parts, the comedy in with the drama and action, and let me just put it out there for all the ladies, I think every one of the Avengers are HOTT! lol  I would go see it again if it wasn't $8 a ticket!

   Anyways, I think this stands as the perfect bridge to show off the Halloween costumes us and our friends dressed as this past year! We decided we would be the X-Men and we did a lot of research and shopping around to make our costumes look awesome!

From the left to the right, we were: Wolverine, Storm, Rogue (that's me!), Gambit, Phoenix, and Cyclops.
We had so much fun! We didn't win the costume contest, but who lets a crowd of drunk people judge? lol Everyone that saw us LOVED it and thought we were awesome!


  1. Oh fun! I would have voted for you all hands down! My son just saw the movie last weekend and loved it!
    dee dee

  2. Great costumes! My hubby and I saw the Avengers on Friday and loved it!

  3. Great costumes and I agree - the movie was awesome! We saw it last week and I loved it :)


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