Thursday, May 31, 2012

And the Award goes to...

   Today I was given THREE awards by my super talented sister-in-law Rebekah@Accidentally Wonderful, "One Lovely Blog", "Sunshine Award", and the "Liebster Blog" award. Her blog is great and she has so many creative recipes, go check them out and give her some bloggy love!


There are a few questions that accompany these awards and also a few guidelines for passing them on.  After answering the questions, nominate a few blogs you think are deserving or that you'd like to encourage!


  Favorite Color
My very favorite color is purple! Any color purple, but mostly a very deep plum.

Favorite Animal
 I love my puppies, but my favorite animal is a giraffe! My two cousins and I (who are close enough to be sisters) have matching gemstone animal necklaces of all our favorite animals. [MakRob & FeStrickland]

Favorite Number
My favorite/lucky number is 13. My mom says it's because Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day lol.

Favorite Drink
Code Red Mtn. Dew! and definitely sweet tea. I could live on the two forever!

Facebook or Twitter
Facebook, My hubby has a twitter, but I have no need for one since everyone I talk to is on facebook.

My Passion
Music. I have a passion to play every instrument and every song lol. I love that music sets my mood and when I'm at a concert (rock&roll or classical or anything in between!), I can just get chill bumps it fills my soul with so much inspiration!

Giving or Getting Presents
 Definitely giving! I have a problem during the holiday season that I cannot stop buying things that I see and KNOW someone will love! I usually start shopping in October because I have to spread out my spending lol.

Favorite Day
Well, I don't really have a favorite weekday, but more of a specific day. September 1st. It's the day my husband asked me to be his girlfriend and I will remember that enchanting night for the rest of my life! Hey, I'm a romantic. :)

Favorite Flowers -
Calla lilies and daffodils... and of course roses. I love callas because they look so elegant and beautiful. I love growing daffodils in the yard, I wish I had a field of them like in the movie "Big Fish"! But I love getting roses any day!

Now for the awesome blogs I nominate!
~ All is Amazing
~ Boerman Ramblings
~ Lake Cottage Dreams
~ Life, Experience Needed
~ Our Pinteresting Family
~ The House at Bluebird Lane