Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trip to the Big City

   Yesterday I had a doctor appointment that was like an hour and a half away from our house and we were there like two hours... so it was more like a day trip. But we got some fun out of it, I did get to go to the mall and my hubby got some new records.

On the way back home it started storming and we were stuck in rush hour traffic, but then it suddenly quit and this rainbow came out!
 (Here's where I started singing "Double rainbow all the way across the sky!" haha)

We got back home right before sunset. I'm excited about the new project coming soon! Tomorrow were going to start rejuvenating our really old deck! Stay tuned! :)


  1. I love rainbows and often we get to view double ones from our back yard! Thanks for sharing!
    dee dee

  2. Beautiful rainbows. I honestly can't remember the last real rainbow I saw. Thanks so much for sharing, liz


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