Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thrifting Around

   Before I've talked about this one thrift store me and my hubby love going to. The owner basically knows us by name now lol. We love bargain hunting, especially when we find some really great stuff! This week we went to a couple of different places while we were off together and completely scored!

First, I found these great wooden shelves and a spice rack, which I gave a little sanding and spray paint, and  some scrapbook paper. :)

Then we found this AWESOME dresser for only $30!! I can certainly fix these little nicks in it for that cheap! And it matches our bed! I plan on changing the handles on it to.

 This is what I was REALLY excited about... We've been looking into getting faux wood blinds for the living room because a certain two puppies keep sticking their heads in the mini blinds and tearing them up! I found these, the Perfect size, for only $20! And they're not the small ones, I had to have a 5 foot blind for the front window, at any other store I would have had to play $60!
Sunni doesn't like these non-bendy blinds haha.


And finally, We found an almost complete set of golf clubs WITH the bag (my hubs has really been wanting to learn) for only $25... a whole set! I was like Get 'em!! I have a couple of clubs, so now we basically complete the set together. He did great on his first day at the driving range, too!


  1. Oh how fun! It will be fun to enjoy a sport with your hubby! I just started "golfing" two years ago. I score with happy faces instead of numbers! (my husband is a very good golfer.... I'm not!)
    Dee Dee


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