Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrift Store Re-do

   There is one thrift store near our house that opened this year and my hubby and I go there almost once a week! The guy is starting to know us by name! lol We've found mostly books, movies, and shelves, but this week we went by and I found these cute little antique looking frames. They didn't really match our house, but I can fix that!
See, very antique-y..

I got out some brown paint and some Metallic "oops" paint I found for one dollar at Home Depot!
*A Helpful Hint* When paint departments mess up or have returned paint, they change it and put it out as discount paint!! Just ask where they put their's out!

After the brown dried, I just glazed over the accents with my metallic, matches my kitchen perfect!

When all the paint dried, I put the glass back in and printed out some pictures wallet-sized.

 These are close ups of the edges.

I bought some small round magnets at Hobby Lobby and hot glued them to the back of the frame.

This is The Hot Glue Drippings Monster... He wants to get all over your stuff! lol

And now they're cute memories on the fridge!!


  1. Love your frames and what a great idea to turn them into fridge magnets!

  2. Wow that is really cool! What a good idea. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by when you get a moment to check it out. :-)

  3. i love the look of these! will have to keep this in mind when i find some old frames!
    xx jes,

  4. These are SO cute!!! I love the glue drippings monster- haha!

  5. I love tutorials like this. Your look great.

  6. Cute redo! I love the colors you used. It's amazing what a little paint can do. :-) I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your creative projects!

  7. Super cute! I love the metallic accents. And the hot glue monster. LOL.

  8. Very cute to turn them into magnets. Thank you for the tip on the paint discounts. I had no idea that paint could even be returned, much less that Home Depot offered "discount" paint.

  9. Thank you for sharing this on Blog Stalking Thursday. You have been featured with this weeks party! Don't forget to stop by and grab a feature button and wear it proudly!


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