Saturday, April 7, 2012

Renewing the Back Deck

   It's Spring time and everyone knows that means spruce up the house! Our back deck has been looking pretty dingy every since we moved in, it had black mold all over it. We really wanted to work on having a place outdoors to entertain and relax, and the first step was to fix that icky deck!

I told you, dark and dingy!

The steps were even worse!

This is what we got to clean the mold off the boards. Any kind of outdoor bleach will work, but I made sure it would take care of the mold.

We used a couple of hard scrub brushes to really scrub the gunk off! This step was the most tiring thing about the whole project!

Here is the deck after most of the mold was scrubbed off. (I do have one of those trees that drops stupid pollen so it fell every five seconds while we were trying to clean!)

My hubby went back again with a pressure washer to really get in the grain of the wood.

I used the Behr Waterproofing Natural No. 300. It's a waterproofing with a hint of natural color to enhance the color of your existing wood.

I started staining one board at a time so I could keep a wet edge with my paint brush. You can spray this on, but our deck was so small I just took the cheaper way out, even if I did a little more work. :)

You can already tell it's a big difference from the original color!

Finally, here is the deck after it dried a full 24 hours (which is required before any foot traffic!).
Ahh! Much better! Next, I am going to finish updating some old wicker furniture to match our modern lifestyle and our pretty new (to us) back porch! :)


  1. wow what a difference...and no we can really see the transformation...Im sure it wasnt an easy projetc to tackle but after seeing the after picture it was well worth it...cant wait to see the whole space finished and decorated

    1. Thanks, Rasha! I can't wait to get the finished photos up!! Just waiting on my cushions to come in and it will be finished! :)

  2. great job! What a difference from beginning to end!
    The only thing left to do is enjoy!

    dee dee

  3. Very nice! I love the color it turned out to be. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. What an effort! It was really a good idea to clean your deck. Having dirt and mold on it is not good for your health. Besides, a dirty deck will decrease your home's curb appeal. Anyway, you did a good job. You can now enjoy your deck to the fullest!

    -Renew Crew Clean


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