Monday, April 2, 2012

Name Blocks

   This is my take on name or letter blocks. It says Green-Poe's because that is the joke about our last name in my family. When we got married, my grandfather announced us into the reception and he announced us as the "Green-Poe's" because he didn't want me to lose my last name lol and it just stuck with us. My husband and I keep wood scraps for different things we fix around the house. *A helpful hint* When you go to a hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot, look in the cull cart in the lumber section, there's usually a lot of scraps they've marked down to like around a dollar!

I had my hubby cut a 2x4 to my measurements for me so he could get some more use of his new circular saw. I sprayed it with gray primer, let that dry, and then sprayed painted it with Rust-oleum Ultra Coverage Satin Lagoon. That dried and I scruffed the edges and a little off the fronts with fine grit sandpaper. I printed out the words with the font I wanted to use to try and trace/compare with a pencil, then I went back over the pencil with puffy paint. I was going to put ribbon around it to keep it together, but I thought it looked a little funny, so I just hot glued everything together instead.

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