Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mod Podge Ornament

   It's far from Christmas, but I had this one saved on my computer and forgot about it! My husband and I are band nerds. That's how we met and that's how we fell in love lol. So naturally, I have music notes on a lot of things in our house. At Christmas time, we had some of those ugly, cheap, silver balls that neither of us ever want to put on the tree, so I decided to make use of them some how.

I took a piece of sheet music and cut in into little strips and put a coat of pod podge on the ball and the back of the paper strips. I just started from the top and kind of made my way down, just trying to cover up all the silver spots. When that was dry I put another coat of mod podge over the whole thing and let that dry.

I stuck some cute little scrapbook sticker letters on it too, which you can't see very well because the colors blend in, but it's still cute!

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