Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doggie Silhouettes

   I really like silhouette paintings, pictures, cut-outs, any kind! When I was about 8, My mom and I went to Tennessee where we had our silhouettes cut out of paper while we sat in a chair and I thought that was just the neatest thing! I had these two small canvases left over from another project I did for one of my co-workers and I wanted to do something with my puppies on them. I thought it would be neat to somehow have a silhouette of them, but I had to figure out how to get one. I originally thought I should find one of their pictures and cut it out, but I didn't have a really good one. Then, I just googled it, and BAM, perfect Lab and Chihuahua silhouettes to use!

I printed these out on some card stock printer paper (I have a TON left over from out wedding I'm trying to find things to do with lol) and cut them out. Then I just taped them to the middle of the canvases and painted around them, including on top of the edges of the cut outs. After the paint dried, I peeled them off and had to touch up just a little with some white paint where it tried to bleed underneath.

I love them! I hung them with our [sort of] engagement pictures over the couch. Everybody loves them, next time I'll get a little more wild on the color!
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  1. Very cute! Thanks for linking up at my party.


  2. So cute!! This is funny because I JUST did one of these yesterday.

  3. Once again excellent project!
    dee dee


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