Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Couple of Band Nerds

Sappy Alert: It's a love story!!
Before I even started middle school, I knew I wanted to join the band when it was my time. Music has been my biggest passion over anything else my entire life. I own, and learn to play, any instrument I have enough money to buy! However, my band career instrument was always percussion, mostly the xylophone! Well, in 2007 I started college and joined my college's band. There I met this boy... He played the drums, he was kind of shy, he had long hair, and I fell hard! 

We we're two band nerds who fell in love. Now, everything we do still revolves around music. We had a lot of awards and things from school that I really didn't know what to do with, but I wanted them displayed somehow. Hobby Lobby ran one of their fabulous 50% off specials, which included shadow boxes, so I figured that was my best bet!

Some things are blurred out because I originally just had this pinned on Pinterest and our names and schools and things were all over it. I could not fit everything we had in the shadow boxes, but most of it fit. I think they turned out pretty cute, I just have to get motivated to hang them up in our office/craft room!

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  1. Aww that's so cute! I love the story too, so sweet :-)

  2. I love that you're band nerds! I say embrace it and never stop :)

  3. Awwwwww I love a good love story!
    What a blessing to find your soul mate and one who enjoys the same thing you do! Great shadowboxes!
    dee dee

  4. I love your shadow boxes...it's a great way to showcase snap shots of time in our lives. BTW- I fell hard for a band nerd...he played the tuba! That was some decades ago and I'm still kissing him too! Welcome & Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!


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