Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Wreath

   Most of my family are huge Alabama fans, so I made this wreath for my aunt for Christmas. 

It's just a foam circle wreath form with crimson yarn wrapped all the way around it. I wrapped a little light gray yarn around the top and bottom, too. The little flowers are made from black, white, and houndstooth felt with This Tutorial, and hot glued to the wreath. They also have little dots in the middle of them made from puffy paint. The wooden "Q" I bought on clearance because it's their last name and apparently a lot of people don't buy the Q's lol. I spray painted it gray and hot glued it on the wreath.

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  1. Why wouldn't EVERYBODY want the Q's? (Says her with a Q surname too)Everything about this wreath is gorgeous. Thank you for finding my blog and following along. I am returning the favour!

    Rosie x


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