Friday, April 20, 2012

"All About You" Blog Tag

   I was tagged by my SIL, Rebekah @ Accidentally Wonderful for the All About You Blog Challenge! You should go check out her page, she comes up with some great recipes and is an amazing painter! The challenge is to answer 10 questions about yourself and then tag other bloggers to join in the fun!

1.       What is a secret no one knows about you?
I am scared of the dark. I don't even like walking around my house at night if no lights are. If it's storming and the power goes out, I'm always the one that screams lol. 

2.       What is one of your greatest loves?
       Music, definitely. I don't know what I would do without it. I have to always be listening to or humming or playing something.

3.       What is one of your greatest fears?
I gave away one in the first answer, but my biggest fear is Spiders! If I see one, I run away from it... even though it might not be moving lol.

4.       What is your deepest wish?
I want to be able to help kids who are going through what I've had to go through in life so that they will have the will to make something better for themselves.

5.       Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
I want to live somewhere towards the coast, at most a 30 minute drive from the beach. My dad lives in Gulf Shores and when we visit him I feel like I could stay there forever, even my husband says he feels like he would be so happy living with the salty air!

6.       What is your favorite food?
Technically, it's french fries... what, that's not a real food? It is to me! :) I love things made from/with potatoes!

7.       What is your favorite book?
I don't really read a whole lot, but my favorites that I have read were The Other Boleyn Girl and Holes. The movies did end up a little different, but I loved them, too.

8.       What is your favorite movie?
I have two: Moulin Rouge and Practical Magic. I'm also a Potterhead and own every Harry Potter movie, I could watch them everyday! 

9.       What is your favorite song?
I don't have an overall favorite, I actually get different favorites like every month lol. Right now, my favorite song is Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know. The new Linkin Park cd is coming out very soon, so It's pretty much a given one of those songs will be my next favorite. lol

10.   Post a picture of yourself
This is a picture my husband took of me one day when he decided he wanted to be creative with my camera  lol, I think he did a pretty good job. =)

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  1. I love french fries too. I've been meaning to watch the other boyelyn girl. Maybe I should read the book first :-)

    1. They really just mess it up at the end, but it's still a good movie! :)

  2. Oh that you so much for the tag and blogger award too! I've been very busy this week caring for my ill grandma, but I can't wait to pass on my tag and award!
    Wonderful photo of you!

  3. In response to your cooment on my "carcker barrell" post.

    Oh you lucky girl! There were too many lovely things in the beachy or coastal category. Hope you get a discount. You will have to keep us posted if you get anything. Lets see...there was a mermaid I loved. I bought a candle with a lovely seahorse base today. There us a frame made like an adorondike chair that is really cute. And a set of sea birds. And lovely scarves, hats, tops and jewelry. OH..and a great straw bag with a fabulous red flower. I have NEVER seen so many things in there that I just literally fell in love with. I mean really love!!! Thanks for popping by.

  4. I loved learning more about you! xo


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