Friday, March 30, 2012

Hard Camera Case from an Old Suitcase

Photography is something I LOVE LOVE LOVE! My mother is a professional photographer, and though throughout my childhood I hated being her practice subject all the time, lol I've definitely grown to love it! With the camera I have, the case was small and fit the camera fine, but I have other things for it like the lenses and cleaner and batteries.. There just wasn't enough room.
My husband's grandmother gave me this suitcase because I loved how it looked and she didn't have any use for it. With my creative juices flowing, I put two and two together... and this is what came out!

Before I did anything to it

Here is the inside (and my puppie's head lol)

I filled it with layers of 2 inch foam that I glued together with styrofoam glue (which almost has to dry overnight, and smells VERY strong) and measured holes to cut into them.

I used an extra piece of foam to wrap fabric around for the top inside the lid. I also has no sew pockets in the lid. (I used the iron on adhesive strips)

I took a jersey fabric and glued it to the bottom of the holes in the styrofoam and tucked around the sides and glued there as well.

and Tada! A camera case big enough to hold all my stuff!

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