Friday, March 30, 2012

The Great Kitchen Painting of 2011

   My husband and I bought our very first home in 2009. Being the Huge DIY'ers that we are, we started our list of things to fix (that we are always working on)! Last year we decided we needed to make the kitchen more "us" even thought I did love the original colors, too.

The previous owners painted the kitchen a pale lime green color and the cabinets were white.

Well, after looking at the cabinets closer, I realized they tried to touch them up with white flat latex paint.. but they were old cabinets and originally painted with glossy oil based paint. Latex over oil is a BIG NO NO! The paint will NEVER stick and peel right off at the first touch.

So our two day painting project turned into 4 days, like any home repair, am I right? To fix this problem, we had to sand off the top layer of paint (my husband featured above using the sander like a beast haha). Remember to always wear a dust mask for this, especially if your home is old and could have lead paint!

After to dust settled, we took all the cabinet doors off and laid them out to be painted. Because they had oil paint, you have to use oil primer! This part is confusing, but the primer is ONLY there to stick to the previous surface, you can put ANY type of top coat on, even latex paint, as long as it is just PRIMER.
I used all foam rollers for the cabinets and regular 3/8s nap rollers for the walls because the foam makes the paint come out way smoother on the cabinets.

Here it is starting to come back together. After the primer dried overnight, we started painting the doors and frames with Glidden's Bittersweet Chocolate. 

The wall color I can't even begin to explain, I basically mixed the final product up myself because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted lol.

Here is a picture just to get a laugh because, while I was painting behind the fridge, my dog, Jasper, decided he needed to come back there too and rubbed all up on the wet corner. He had a nice bath that night.

And here is a bad cell phone picture of the finished product. :)

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  1. Wow, your brown really warmed up this space!
    Great job!
    dee dee

  2. Very nice! Brown and blue is a wonderful color combination. You can get a lot of nice kitchen accessories in brown and blue. Wonderful work!

  3. p.s. I like your dogs! They are so cute playing together!

  4. My husband and I did this same type of project about fifteen years ago. It is a huge project to take on but the results are so worth it. Thanks so much for sharing on BeColorful


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